Gardening for Hotels

Hotels around the world rely on Gardensol for the projection, design, execution and maintenance of their gardens and outdoor areas. We offer a professional and close service, prioritizing the needs of customers to provide sustainable and tailor-made solutions.

Discover all our work in gardening for hotels and know the hotels that already rely on us.

A garden that does not leave

no one is indifferent

Landscaping Projects

We analyze all the factors that influence your garden: incidence of the sun, characteristics of the soil, topography, adaptation to budget, etc. To get the garden you want is a success.

Vertical gardens

Any wall can be your new garden. The success of your vertical garden depends on good botanical planning, an ideal soil and optimal irrigation, rely on professional landscapers.

Maintenance of irrigation systems

If you already have an irrigation system always keep it in touch with our maintenance service. Whether you need timely repair or regular maintenance, we are at your disposal.

Installation of irrigation systems

Regardless of your garden, an adapted and efficient irrigation system is possible. We make all kinds of installations with the maximum guarantees and meeting the deadlines.

Phytosanitary treatment

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pruning and lawn cutting

Irrigation systems

Project design

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Our professionals entrust the design, maintenance and cleaning of the gardens of your hotel.

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