Irrigation systems

Proper watering is the basis of garden maintenance. Trust the professionals to install the irrigation system that adapts to your needs and those of your garden.

At Gardensol we are specialists in irrigation systems. We carry out everything from the project, to installation and maintenance. Our work is characterized by a focus on sustainability and a sustainable system. We have no barriers, trust us for any challenges in terms of watering your garden

Irrigation in your garden

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Irrigation projects

Our experts travel on the ground to analyze the needs of your garden and offer you the solution that best suits your needs.
We carry out a complete project and offer you a price in which we include everything you need to start your garden.

Installation of irrigation systems

Regardless of your garden, an adapted and efficient irrigation system is possible. We make all kinds of installations with the maximum guarantees and meeting the deadlines.

Maintenance of irrigation systems

If you already have an irrigation system always keep it in touch with our maintenance service. Whether you need timely repair or regular maintenance, we are at your disposal.

Innovative irrigation systems

We install all kinds of irrigation systems, including the most modern control systems by Bluetooth, Internet and infrared.
Irrigation with sprinklers, irrigation with diffusers, drip irrigation, underground irrigation, irrigation with micro sprinklers and iego with exudation tapes.

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Trust our professionals for the projection, installation and maintenance of the irrigation system for your garden.

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