Swimming Pool Maintenance

Gardensol offers all kinds of services in maintenance of swimming pools to guarantee an excellent quality of water at all times.

Our technicians are responsible not only for the maintenance of water but also for all the machinery to guarantee its proper operation and avoid costly repairs. We have a wide range of products and technical resources for your pool, all included in our prices.

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Water quality

Our experts carry out regular chemical analyzes to control the different levels and provide the necessary products, guaranteeing maintenance at the lowest cost and guaranteeing health.

Facilities maintenance

The operation of the pumping, filtration and other facilities are essential, not only for a good water quality, but also to avoid deterioration of them and avoid large disbursements, bet on our maintenance.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our cleaning team performs cleaning and disinfection of all types of swimming pools. Trust Gardensol to set up your pool this season.

Licenses and insurance

We manage all types of licenses, permits and insurance for your pool facilities. We carry out technical inspections that guarantee the compliance of the regulations for a enjoyment of your swimming pool with total tranquility.

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Trust the maintenance of your pool to our professionals.
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